Monday, November 28, 2011

So many yummy desserts

There are a ton of desserts Ive been eyeing since I started to follow a bunch of different food bloggers the last month or so.   I starred the recipes and was just waiting until I had time to make them, which finally started to come this weekend

I was able to make a couple (and reviewed them here), but I made another one on Sunday so I could bring with me to Sunday dinner with my family.   

I had leftover desserts from Thanksgiving that I brought, so I didn't really need to make another cookie, but I had the butter out for softening, and I really wanted to try these, so I squeezed the time into the day to get it done.  

I put about 20-25 cookies on the plate for 8 of us, plus I brought the leftover pumpkin, white chocolate and mac nut cookies and 3/4 of a strawberry/rhubarb pie (no recipe as it came from the store) - and in addition to finishing off the pie, we pretty much finished off the new dessert (in addition to making a dent into the pumpkin cookies). 

It was so good, that I had requests for the recipe - so now that I got you all excited and never even mentioned the cookie - you wanna know what it is?

Too bad, just wanted to get you all excited :)

Obviously, Im just kidding.   They were caramel apple cider cookies and you can find the yummy delicious recipe here.   I would agree that you should heat the cookies up in the microwave for a quick 5 seconds to warm up the caramel inside, but even if you don't they still are fully of tons of yummy-ness as we never heated them up.


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