Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Penn State Scandal and my thoughts...

Im not quite sure where I sit yet on the whole scandal going on at Penn State, I still have to read the grand jury report before my final thoughts are made, but with that being said, here are my thoughts on how it is currently playing out.

It sucks for everyone!
  • It majorly sucks for the victims - especially any victims that it happened to after 2002 when Penn State became aware of who Sandusky really was, and covered it up.
  • It sucks for Penn State whose reputation is now being tarnished because of the cover-up.   
  • It sucks for JoePa who had an illustrious career at the head of Penn State football, graduating his students and no scent of the NCAA violations that are occurring everywhere else.   
  • It sucks for the senior football players who are having their football careers end on such a sour note and it sucks for the entire football team, who chose to go to Penn State with Paterno at the helm, and now he will no longer be there.
I think that JoePa should have been given the dignity to let his resignation, effective at the end of the football season, stand.    JoePa made a HUGE mistake, and there is no disagreeing with that.   But with that said, JoePa did not abuse those kids, he did not cover it up himself, nor did he lie about anything.   The state found that he broke no laws, he just failed miserably on a moral level. 

Just like its not fair for someone to get away with things because they are famous (like Michael Jackson did for actually molesting little boys), its also not fair for someone to be punished for their fame, and I honestly feel that is where this sits right now.  

If JoePa were a "no-name" professor and Sandusky was some famed Dean of his school, and the same exact situation played out, I feel pretty confident that there wouldn't be the media circus that there is, and that the professor wouldn't be fired.    I think that's evidenced in the fact that Mike McQuerry still has a job as the receivers coach, and he is the one who witnessed it and told JoePa and didn't do anything past that.

I wish JoePa would have fired Sandusky's ass and gone to the police, but he didn't.   He also didn't keep the news to himself.   Is JoePa's legacy tainted because of this scandal? Absolutely, and only time will tell by how much.   And JoePa will have to live with his decision and what it did to his career and life for the remainder of his life - but I think that he should at least have been given the chance to end it with his own resignation.

Hell - the president of my university stole TONS of money from the university, and you know what he got for that?   A congressional investigation that went away when the media went away and a huge multi-million dollar parachute package with him resigning and not being fired.   Obviously stealing money and molesting kids isn't the same - but keep in mind JoePa isn't the molester, nor the one who made the decision to cover it up, just the one who went along with his bosses decisions - things we do everyday even if we don't agree.

Keep in mind, I have no personal affiliation with Penn State.   I am not an alumni, I never even applied there because I never had any wish to go there.   My sister and her (soon-to-be in 2 days) husband are alumni, my other brother-in-law who married into my family is an alumni and my Hubby went to a school affiliated with Penn State.   I myself grew up in PA where Penn State, Penn State Football and JoePa have always been talked about in high regards, so I grew up with a respect for the three.   I also went to a university without a football team (I know - I can't believe my sports-loving self went to a school with very little sports identity) so I rooted for Penn State as a default.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and I respect everyone's opinion, and like I said, I haven't made my final decision on where I sit with this, but as of right now, this is my opinion.  I know there are plenty reading this, who couldn't disagree more, but as of right now I think this was a HUGE moral error on the part of JoePa and not something worthy of his firing - especially when he said he would step down at the end of the season.  

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