Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No Dogs Allowed!

When I got home from work tonight I was really thinking about a lazy night in front of the tv and munching on food (thats not to say that it still won't be that type of night).   I had a semi-long day at work, I was exhausted, I had a headache and the check engine light on my car just popped on on the drive home.   That last thing really doesn't have anything to do with the rest, but it didn't help the situation.

Anyways, I forced myself to take a walk with the dogs, after about 2 blocks I decided I was gonna keep this short and keep it at a mile by just staying within my section.  

When I take the dogs on walks, I typically run into lots of people who want to pet the dogs, or say how cute they are or stop their cars for directions or to talk about my dogs.   So when I was half way through my walk and this car started to slow down and I started to hear a voice, I thought nothing of it...until this conversation occured:

Lady in Car: (rudely and with attitude) Hey, Id appreciate it if you didn't let your dogs go to the bathroom on my lawn
Me: They aren't, see (holding up two bags of poop)
Lady: They are peeing
Me: No, they are sniffing the bush*
Lady: Just get your dogs off my lawn (and she continues her way around the corner and goes into her driveway)

If she really doesn't want dogs on her front yard, here are some things she can do to stop it:
- Put that stupid sign on your yard that says no dogs allowed.   But in all honesty - dogs just see that as a great thing to sniff and pee on .
- Replace your grass with concrete or pebbles - dogs aren't attracted to that
- Fence in your yard!!!

I'm sorry, but if Charger wants to go to the bathroom, he will find the spot he wants and refuse to be pulled off no matter how much muscle I put into it (Kalas on the other hand is still a little puppy, so I cna pull all 25 lbs of him - but that won't always be the case).   Whatever the case, no matter how well trained a dog is, he is trained to go to the bathroom outside, and Lady - thats where your non-fenced in lawn is!

*By bush, I mean overgrown shrubs.   There is NOTHING special about this lawn, the grass is just as crappy and weedy as mine, and her planting area is full of a bunch of overgrown shrubs and weeds

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