Tuesday, November 29, 2011

$905,000 wasn't enough

Being the superintendent of Philadelphia must be an awesome job:
- You get paid $350,000 a year.
- You get to hire all your friends to sit in an office with a cushy job and get paid six figures.
- You run the district into a $630 million deficit
- You get paid $905,000 to leave your job
- After getting paid $905,000, you get to file for unemployment and get paid $573 weekly

Obviously, that isn't really how it goes down - but thats how it went down for Arlene Ackerman with that last bullet point just coming out in the news.   There are thousands of people out of a job because of her inability to keep a balanced budget (or even semi-close to a balanced budget).   Those same people receive unemployment checks that are probably half of what she is getting and they struggle to survive on it, and they pray to get a new job before the checks run out.

There are others, like my hubby, who lost his job and then lost his fight for unemployment benefits because his company claimed he quit, and it was he said-she said.   Ackerman was virtually got fired (and got paid to leave) and yet she gets to take money from the government that is STRUGGLING to stay above water.

I understand that we all pay into unemployment, and its your right to take the benefits, but at some point you have to listen to your better judgement.   Additionally, at some point, the government needs to stand up and say that the rich can't take money from the poor!

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