Monday, August 8, 2011

uh-oh, Im gonna go there...

"There" is that topic that can be a huge issue.   Its politics.   Well really, Im gonna talk about the economy but my politics clearly play a role in it.   So for those who don't know me that well - Im a democrat (although I do have a small number of views that lean a BIT to the center/right)

Unfortunately, with Adams job situation, the economy has hit us close to home.   I wish the solution was simple and something that everyone agreed on - but Im realistic and know thats not the case.  It is going to take a while to get out of the recession that our previous president Bozo Bush got us into.   I don't care what everyone says about us being out of the recession - we aren't.    We are spending money more and jobs are SLOWLY picking up, but we are just slowly climbing out, but we aren't there yet.

What really got me going on this topic is the recent agreement that was signed last week so we would avoid a debt crisis.   The thing is that the democrats were pretty much backed into a corner and had no choice but to agree to it - otherwise it would be their fault.  And I agree that both sides do need to make concessions - and even though I don't feel that both sides made concessions, I do think that it was the right call to vote on what was decided, because we needed something.

I do agree that the gov't needs to cut its spending, and both sides need to make concessions on those cuts.   But keep in mind that those cuts WILL result in additional job cuts.   What I feel REALLY strongly about is the tax situation.   I'm sorry - but removing a tax cut does not make it a tax hike,   It means that the temporary cut that was instituted (by previously mentioned Bozo Bush) is no longer available.   And lets be honest - the really rich getting taxed appropriately isn't going to cause any job losses - it will do quite the opposite, because it will bring much needed money into our government and will go right back into the economy.   And really - why do the really rich deserve tax cuts that you and I don't deserve - even though we struggle to survive?

Well - I just needed to rant about that, so there is my current political rant - more to come in the future - including the rants that some might think i lean the other way on.

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