Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts that are going through my mind that I want to share with everyone:

Local (and not so local) Politics
I just read an article about Adam Taliaferro being selected to run for a Gloucester County Freeholder.   For those who don't know the story of Adam, just google his name and you will find it, but the short of it is he played football for Penn State, and as a freshman he suffered a life threatening injury that was supposed to leave him paralyzed.   He fought the battle and the long odds, and eventually walked again, graduated from Penn State, and went on to go to law school and become a lawyer.   He was an inspiration around PA and NJ, and although I never had any interest in Penn State, or paid attention to their football team, I always loved to read updates about him.   

Anyways, I obviously can't vote for him, since I don't live in that county, better yet that state, but for those few people I know who do - I think you should vote for him, not just because he is a democrat and therefore stands for most of the ideals I believe in, but also because he truly has the strength and willpower to push for what he believes.   Additionally, in the story, the leader of the local republican committee said "that while he respected 'the challenges [Taliaferro] has overcome,' he thinks he is on the ticket to wow the public with his personal story and relative youth, rather than experience in government".   Im sorry - but what was Jon Runyan on the Republican ticket for and why did he win a seat as a US Congressman?!?!?   It was for a whole lot less than what you just said.   He was on the ticket AND won because of his time and success with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Hurricane Irene
Im glad that everyone survived it well, and I hope you all have your power back.   Those of us in the Needleman Levittown house survived quite well.   We watched some movies that I bought for $1.99 from Blockbuster (more in the post about that), baked cookies and brownies (maybe a future post), cooked a Sunday night dinner in the crock pot, and I got my eye scratched up by Charger.   And never lost power (knock on wood for future storms), but were quite prepared with a flashlight with extra batteries, a lantern, glow sticks, a battery operated radio with extra batteries and plenty of reading material and shelf-stable snacks.

Along with many of my other bad, but harmless, addictions - I have an addiction to buying movies.   If you live nearby and ever need free rentals, I am OCD and actually have an excel listing of my DVDs (which I now need to update), which probably is over 200 by now.   Anyways, I continued that addiction at Blockbuster on Saturday in preparing for Hurricane Irene.  I was hoping they would have a 5 for $20 deal on their previously viewed movies, of which they did - but I couldn't find 5 movies I had interest in spending $4 each on.   On the other hand, they also had a $1.99 table, and there were a bunch that looked interesting enough to spend two bucks on.   We ended up watching two of them.  

The first, An Education, I had NEVER heard of - but would definitely recommend.  It was set in the 60's in England, and was about a schoolgirl who was going to ruin her chances at Cambridge if she continued on with her "love affair".   Im not good at giving film reviews, so Ill just leave it at that so I don't give too much away, but it was surprisingly good and kept both Adam and my interest throughout.

The second, Brooklyn's Finest, I had heard of, and would not recommend.   After 2 minutes I was already having trouble following, and by ten minutes Adam had already fell asleep (and it was a hard movie to actually sleep through).   It was all over the place, and the ending was pretty pathetic.   They tried to do the Crash thing where all the story lines that were separated throughout the movie came together in the end.   It worked great for Crash, its worked okay in a couple other movies, but overall - it doesn't work well anymore, and I'm sick of seeing screenwriters trying to sell it again.   But that wasn't the only reason it was bad - it was just bad - and I have an eclectic sense of what I like, which does include action movies, but this will not fall into the like pile.

Weight Loss
I think my sister and I are gonna join Weight Watchers again.   I had GREAT success with it back in 2003 when I lost 50 lbs - and Ive kept it all off.   I lost a bit more after I stopped WW, but unfortunately, have put most of that on since my wedding, and I want to take that back off, plus some more to get down to 150.    Let me know if you are interested in going to meetings with us, or if you just want to follow along together via email, text message, phone, etc if you don't live in the area.

Im sure there are other random thoughts, but I can't remember them, so Im just gonna go to bed now.


  1. Would you bring your OCD over to my house and help me organize? :)

  2. I would do WW with you guys - just not sure on the meetings with my work schedule - but I definitely want to lose a little of my weight too! let me know - jul

  3. I loved An Education - Carey Mulligan is ridiculously talented.