Sunday, August 28, 2011

Phillies Games

I have a full season ticket plan to the Philadelphia Phillies - as I am that much of a die-hard - but I sell about 2/3 - 3/4 of the games depending on the year.  

Two years ago, I went to like 35 games - and I learned that was just too much even for me.   It was a lot of time that I wasn't at home - a lot of money to be spent on parking and dinner - and hard to find someone to go with me to all those games.

Last year, I didn't get to go to as many games as I wanted to because there were home series scheduled the same weekend as my wedding and while Adam and I were on our honeymoon - so that was a couple weeks of games taken out of the mix.  

Every year work also gets in the way of a few games that I planned to go to, and then had to switch around because of trips that came up along the way (I plan what games Im gonna go to in February, and don't know my travel schedule until a few months beforehand - if I'm lucky).

Well this year, I had planned to go to about 20 games.   I was going to go to about a dozen games with my mom and another half dozen plus with Adam.   Adam and my second game of the season was supposed to be on April 16th - which ended up being a day of DOWNPOURS and the first (of many) postponement(s).   Of course they then rescheduled a weekend evening game to a weekday day game - which we both couldn't go to - so I had to sell those tickets.

Then Adam (thankfully) got a new job - one whose hours were noon-9pm Tue-Fri and 7a-5p on Sat.   This knocked out 95% of the games we were gonna go to together (plus our 3rd shot at a U2 concert...), so I found family and friends to go to those games with me, and Adam took on a couple of my mom's Sunday games, and kept the Saturday evening game we had.

Then came two weeks ago.    I had tickets to 3 games in 6 days.   The first was a Sunday that Adam was supposed to go with me to.    It was raining bad, and therefore the game was postponed (of course to a day game in the middle of the week - so again, tickets now need to be sold...).  The second game ended up being a beautiful night, and we got the whole game in - unfortunately we lost in the 9th inning.  The 3rd game got to the end of the 3rd before a 2 hour plus rain delay started.    About 10 minutes before they announced that they were gonna prepare the field and get back to the game, I left with my friend - because it was getting late, and I needed to work the next day.    So three games - and I saw a whole 12 innings...

It of course doesn't stop there.   I had a ticket to a game the next Saturday (13 days from the first "game").   Well that was last night - the night that Hurricane Irene hit - which meant yet another PPD game.  This one at least is a night game - and the only reason for that is because Sunday's PPD Game is gonna be the day game of a D/N doubleheader.

So far this year, I have had 3 games PPD and sat through another 3 rain delays - and only got to attend about a dozen games so far...this better not be the beginning of the bad signs for the Phillies this season...

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