Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paybacks a B****

I preface this whole post with the disclaimer that I don't follow golf (I follow sports overall) and I could almost care less about golf.

For those who don't follow anything with sports whatsoever - Tiger Woods fired his caddy, Steve Williams, last month.   From reports over the last few years, Steve Williams and Tiger Woods were not just employee/employer but friends.  When Tiger got caught cheating on his wife with a thousand different women and everyone wanted their time in front of the camera, Steve Williams stayed away from it.   And when the reporters found him, he made a brief comment saying pretty much that its Tigers business.

With Tiger out of the game for the last while because of his sex rehab and then his injuries, Williams asked Tiger for permission to caddy for Adam Scott during one of the tournaments.   Tiger gave him permission, and then promptly fired him within a week after the tournament.   Again, I don't follow golf much at all, so Im sure there could be more to the story that may or may not be in the media, but from the sounds of it to me - Williams was fired for no reason even though he was very loyal to Tiger.

Anyways, another tournament happened this weekend, and Adam Scott was in it, and he hired Steve Williams (I think full time now), and after the first day Scott was in the lead - that made me happy and I was hoping to see him win - just to throw it in Tigers face (who was back in the field this week).    When I last heard and update Saturday, he was no longer in the lead, but I think that changes throughout the weekend anyways. 

Lo and behold, I woke up this morning and listened to the news and heard that Adam Scott won the tournament - so booya Tiger Woods - in your face.   As the title of my post says - paybacks a b****.   I do even believe that Steve Williams said something to the effect of this being the sweetest win of his time.

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