Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ocean City, NJ Restaurant Review

My mom rented a house down in OCNJ this week, and Adam and I were down there for a few days, and everyone who was there on Monday night went out to dinner just off the boardwalk at a place called Bloom N' Tulip.   My mom selected the restaurant based on the fact that she was able to get a good deal for the restaurant on  I don't think we could have all had a WORSE restaurant experience.

There were 16 of us - 13 adults and 3 kids (2, 3 and 3 1/2).  I had called that morning to make a reservation for all of us, so they were well prepared for the large group.   By the time everyone showed up, we were about 15 minutes late to the reservation, which I initially felt kinda bad about - but no longer do after our experience.  

The atmosphere wasn't anything spectacular to write home about, but nothing awful either.  Once everyone finally arrived, it took about 20 minutes to get our drink orders, another 20 minutes to get the drinks, another 5 minutes to get bread (of which my mom had to specifically request and the waitress had a lot of attitude), another 20 minutes to get our food orders taken - so we were there for well over an hour before our orders got taken.    Once they finally took our orders, things finally got moving - but by this time, the kids just wanted to run around the restaurant, and the only reason we hadn't just left was because of the certificate we had.  

When the food FINALLY came around, it took forever for everyone to get their meals, and my cousin who got a salad was one of the last ones to get her meal, even though that was the simplest of the meals - and my brother-in-law almost didn't get served because she forgot to bring his out.

Unfortunately for my family, the bad review doesn't stop with the poor service.   I had ordered stuffed shrimp with sides of mashed potatoes and apple sauce.  

I knew the apple sauce wasn't chunky because my uncle asked before orderering, so I was a little disappointed to begin with, but Im pretty sure the extent of the kitchen prep for the applesauce involved opening up a jar of motts applesauce and pouring it into the bowl.   It tasted fine, it just wasn't anything special, and nothing stood out about it that made it seem "homemade". 

The mashed potatoes aren't a very different story.   When I got my meal, I saw someone else ordered theirs without the gravy, and I originally wished I would have thought to do the same.  Im glad I hadn't done that because the potatoes were so dry and bland the gravy added some flavor and moistness.   This time I think that the kitchen preparation involved in making the mashed potatoes was mixing a box of potato flakes and water (with too much flakes) and then taking an ice cream scoop and scooping it into a bowl.

The stuffed shrimp weren't too bad in flavor, but the filling felt like it was a whole lot more filler than crab.   After eating one and a half of the three stuffed shrimp, I was done.

That was just what I ate, but Adam and my uncle both ordered rice pilaf, mu uncle specifically didn't see any other sides he wanted so he got a double order (cause we got 2 sides with out meals).   The rice "pilaf" consisted of white rice and lots of butter, so my uncle finally said something (rightfully so) after staying good for not compaining about anything else earlier.   Here is the basic jist of the conversation:

Uncle: I ordered rice pilaf, this is just white rice with butter
Waitress: Thats what our rice pilaf is - white rice
U: Rice Pilaf is not white rice
W: Well thats what our rice pilaf is
U: Rice pilaf isn't white rice, it has the other stuff in it
W: You got what you ordered, white rice
U: I ordered rice pilaf
W: This is our rice pilaf - its white rice.

This conversation pretty much sums up all the talking we had with the waitress - she was COMPLETELY unorganized - the type of person who you would think wouldn't remember her head if it wasn't attached.

By the time our restaurant experience was done - we had been there for TWO HOURS!!   My mom complained to someone, and they pretty much just brushed us off.

To top off the bad service and "meh" food - the food didn't sit well with me at all.   I had to literally run to the bathroom two times in the next hour because it didn't agree with me.

But we got back at them!  Well not really - but there is a funny story to share.   My 3 and a half year old cousin, who is potty trained and hadn't had an accident in a while told her mom she had to go to the bathroom and then got off her chair and pee'd right on the floor.   Of course my little cousin felt really bad and my "big" cousin (her mom) felt even worse for her daughter.   But we never bothered to tell them they had a pee spot in the middle of their carpeted dining area.    And we ended up letting the kids run around the table.

Eventually, we finally got some boardwalk time with the kids.

So all in all - don't ever eat at Bloom N' Tulip in Ocean City, NJ - its at 10th and Ocean (but really on 10th), right off the boardwalk where Kohrs Bros and Steele Fudge.

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  1. Thanks for the details about your trips to the bathroom, TMI. But your cousins "trip" to the bathroom is priceless!