Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monday Night Date Nights

Adam's job has him working Tuesday - Friday from noon to 9pm and then Saturday from 7am-5pm, so we have minimal time that we get to spend with each other.   This isn't a complaint though, because his schedule actually has a lot of benefits.   With his schedule being the way it is, we decided to bring back date night.   When we were dating, we had a set weeknight that was date night that we would always go out and do something together, just the two of us - not with our friends or our family.   That stopped once we moved in together, because we had plenty of time for us, and we were focusing on paying bills and saving whatever money we could.

We of course are still making sure our bills are paid, and are trying to save money :) But we are trying to do all that while re-instituting our date night.   So far we haven't put much money out.   Our first night we used a gift certificate we received for our anniversary for dinner (which we used for take out) and got a movie from Red Box and had date night at home.   

Anyways, on to last nights date night.   Originally, we planned to use one of our certificates, but then when I went to make a reservation, I noticed they weren't open on Mondays.   So then, we decided to go somewhere else that I knew didn't take reservations.   I got home from work, and before we headed out, we checked out their website for the address, I looked at the menu and found what I wanted, and then I was just glancing around their website - and guess what?   They are closed on Mondays!!    

We ended up thinking of a place that we hadn't been to that was open and went there, and then went to Rita's for Misto Monday (50% off of Misto's), but now Im bummed about our Monday night date night.   There are plenty of restaurants and businesses that are open on Monday - but it really does suck that a lot of restaurants are closed on Monday.   I understand the thought process - Monday is probably the slowest night because everyone eats out during the weekend, that they don't do so on Monday - but it just sucks.

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  1. There's always the diner...not too romantic but always open and cheap ;)