Friday, August 5, 2011

Healthy Habits

I'm trying to get back into the healthy habits.   I'm having mixed success.    Charger and I got a nice 4.5 mile walk around Snowball and Forsynthia Gates last Friday.   I enjoy walking the gates, they mix in a nice amount of hills, I get to look around at the area houses and landscaping to get ideas for things we can do to and around our house when we have money (hahaha).  With that being said, its starting to get boring since I do it often enough.

On Saturday, I woke up early before it started to get hot and Charger and I got a NICE and HILLY 5+mile walk at Tyler State Park.   I do miss living right by Tyler, because the trails provide for a nice workout.   I do have some trouble with my asthma on some of the hills, but I just push through it - and, oddly, I actually enjoy the feeling in my lungs once Ive caught my breath - it feels like a good workout for my lungs.   Just like I love the way my legs hurt after climbing all those hills.  

Sunday though I decided that I needed to sleep in, so I only took Charger for a mile, and my walks became just as lazy until last night when I walked Snowball Gate - about 2.25 miles.   Hoping to walk Snowball and Forsynthia today (in between the work day and the work evening or something) and then maybe Tyler some more this weekend.

Anyways - Im hoping to get back in the groove of healthy habits!   Why is it so easy for unhealthy habits to stick then healthy habits

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