Friday, August 26, 2011

Everyones favorite topic to read about - my in-laws

Based on the stats that I can track through blogger - the topic people most enjoy reading about is my in-laws - and how couldn't you - they are just that crazy and ridiculous its so funny and enjoyable to read about. 

So I'm gonna try to write a weekly post about their craziness.   Since I'm currently in the middle of a really good streak of not seeing or talking to them, Ill be going back into the 3 year vault of stories for some of these weekly posts :) 

Thinking about it, I think the last time we saw them was for the "pizza party" that MIL threw for FIL in the beginning of July.    That's right - Ive gone almost 2 months without seeing or talking them - and its been wonderful!  Of course, during that time, Adam has gotten calls from them bitching about me on numerous occasions - but alas, its impossible to be completely free of their craziness.   Unfortunately, that streak will be broken on Saturday for the sake of attending the joint birthday party of my nephews - but I'm sure the few hours spent with them will provide for some entertaining stories later...

Since I mentioned the pizza party - I guess Ill start with that topic for this post.   Back in the end of June, we received a card in the mail.   When I looked at it, it had no return address (which was a sure sign it came from the in-laws, cause my MIL refuses to put a return of address on things she sends - or at least to us, which is one of my many small pet peeves with them).   But I wasn't sure cause I could tell that there was a kids party invitation inside.   We were 2 months away from any of the nieces or nephews birthdays, so I was really confused.   I finally opened it up - and it WAS from my ILs.   It was an invitation in the shape of a pizza slice - and for a pizza party for my FILs bday.   SERIOUSLY?!?!?   First off - the invitations was circa 1990 - and if it really wasn't that old - then that's just more pathetic.   Second off - the invitation went out to a whole TWO freaking people - Adam and I and my SIL and BIL.   Just f*ing call us and invite us over for dinner for his bday, don't make some stupid big deal with a childish invitation.   

Unfortunately, we had no plans, and I knew we had to go, so I had Adam call to RSVP, but let them know we would be late, as they are calling the party for 5pm - and Adam doesn't get off work until 5pm.  He still has to come home, change/clean up and we have another 45 minute drive to get to their house - so we wouldn't be there until 6:30ish.   Im pretty sure they weren't thrilled we were coming late - but work has priority in this instance over some childish attempt to invite us over.

Party day eventually arrives - and Adam calls to let them know we will be leaving shortly, and guess what - they went out to dinner with my SIL, BIL and nephews and were gonna bring home a pizza for us.    I knew they were gonna eat before we got there, because they eat dinner crazy early and it annoys me that they don't have the decency to wait for us when they invite us over - but I'm somewhat used to it now.   But seriously - you take everyone else out to dinner to order whatever they want and then bring home a pizza and keep it in a warm oven for us?

We of course still went, and I didn't eat anything or really talk to them much because a) I was trying to be healthy and didn't want pizza and b) I was annoyed at them.   

My MIL must have asked me if I wanted pizza about 6 times - 5 of those times I politely said, no thank you, Im fine for now, and continued to play with the boys.    On the 6th and final time, I finally had enough of the same question and gave some attitude with my answer - which clearly annoyed FIL and MIL - but MIL FINALLY stopped asking.     Although that wouldn't be the end of it...

The next morning Adam got a call from MIL pretty much asking what my issue was.   If you have an issue with me, "man up" and bring it up to me - not to Adam. 

Why can't I just have normal in-laws?   I know they provide good entertainment and stories - but they get to me.  I hate how the thought of them or sound of their name is like fingernails on a chalkboard....

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