Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dog Names

Adam and I are looking to adopt a second dog when we get back from vacation near the end of the month.   We have our eyes on a certain dog, and so far it looks like things might work out.   If not, I'm sure we will find the perfect dog for us and for Charger.

Just like with Charger, I don't want to pick out a name until we get the dog and get a feel for his/her personality and make sure the name works with their personality.

With that being said, i'm really hoping that a Phillies themed name will fit the personality - anyone have any recommendations?   I have a couple that Ive had in my mind for a while: Schmidty and Tug.   I was also recently thinking Whitey (for Richie Ashburn), but I have all plans to get a dark haired dog - so that would just be weird.   Im totally amenable to a name that references older players or recent players - BUT I'm not gonna name my dog a name that would be a human name and Im not naming my dog Utley - because Ive met tons of dogs named Utley.

My biggest issue is that there is a chance we will bring a female dog into the house, and Im not sure any of these names really fit a female.   I have one thought, but I'm not really loving it - Ace.  Another thought is Polly (for Placido Polanco) but that falls into the real name category.  Anyone have any thoughts on these names or other recommendations??


  1. Are you sure you want two forever dogs??? you can have one of mine! hahaha. they are sooo pushy and demanding!!!

    Name the new pup girl or boy whatever you want, seriously i use Cabernet! I dont think there really is a gender there. I now think "girl" but thats only because she is a girl!
    how about philly? but then i might think you named her after the mouse in American Tale.

  2. When Kiel was a baby I called him Tug because he tooted so much.