Thursday, August 4, 2011

crazy week!

The week isn't over yet and its already been a crazy week!   Last week the girl who works for me was out, and I was easily able to handle my work and her work, 2 weeks before that, my boss was out - and same thing.    All the sudden we went from "quiet" (which isn't quiet at all - just not slammed) to all the sudden this week being slammed - and Im not sure what has changed.

Well a few things changed.   The boss's son who works from the IT side on some of my programs decided this week to finally work - so the work we've been sending to him since end of May (2 and a half months of work)  is finally getting worked on.   And when he decides to work on that stuff, he can knock a lot of stuff out - so 2 and a half months of work is getting thrown back to me for review, plus all the stuff that was going on this week - plus a ton of meetings.   I think Im gonna be working 50 of the next 72 hours - and mind you most of that is the weekend - its just that crazy right now.   Once I get over this hump, it shouldn't be too bad for most of the month - but then its crazy, crazy, crazy as we get into our busy fall and then right into hawaii craziness.

Im hoping to try and post a bunch of stuff tonight (as I had a big glass of wine and probably shouldn't do much work) and spread it out for postings over the next week so I can still keep things going :)

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