Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cape May, NJ and Turdo Vineyards

While on our mini-vaca with my family in OCNJ, Adam and I took a day and went down to Cape May for a date day in our new favorite beach town (we fell in love with it on our first anniversary trip earlier this summer).

Originally we were going to go to the beach with my family in the late morning, and then go to Cape May Winery for a 3pm tour that I had bought a deal for on Philly Dealyo, but Adam's legs really bothered him the evening prior after going to the beach, so we decided to bypass the beach altogether - which I was completely okay with since I'm not a huge beach person.

After deciding not to go to the beach, we hung around the house for a little while after everyone else left for the beach and then decided to head to Cape May earlier and grab lunch there, and maybe stop at another winery for a wine tasting.   We ended up stopping at Turdo Vineyards for our first tasting, Lucky Bones Restaurant for lunch and then Cape May Winery & Vineyard for our tour.    This post will review our first stop, and then Ill go into more detail on another posting (or two) for lunch and the Cape May Winery Tour and Tasting.

Our first stop when getting into Cape May was Turdo Vineyards.  This is a small vineyard which makes about 200 cases of each type of wine and when they sell out for the year, they close shop.    When we visited, they had sold out of at least 1/3 of their wines, and she told us that they typically sell out of everything by labor day weekend. 

When arriving at the winery - you will think you are in the wrong spot, because it looks like you are at someone's personal house and they don't have a parking lot.    They recommend parking at the lot down the street, but since Adam is limited in how much he can walk, and I knew we would be walking on the wine tour and that night on the boardwalk, I didn't want to park down at the ball fields down the street.   Instead, I parked on the lawn after the house because I someone else did the same thing.  (Initially I thought that's where I was supposed to park until I walked up to the sign and saw that it said the ball field parking lot).   Anyways, once you park and walk up to the house, you see a small building to the side/back of the house and that is the tasting room - the house really is their personal house, and their backyard is the vineyard - wouldn't that be awesome.

We went in for the tasting, which was $5 for 5 wines.  I didn't save the tasting sheet - but I think they have about 10 wines available for tasting - 3 dry whites, 6 dry reds and 1 sweet red and 1 sweet white (I think that was the breakdown).   Additionally, they have some reserve collection wines which aren't available for tasting, and finally the owners son is starting his own label (Rossi) and currently has two wines with that.

Unfortunately for us, all the dry whites were out and a couple of the reds were out - so we tasted 4 dry reds and got to pick one of the two sweet wines.   I liked all the dry wines, Adam typically doesn't - and didn't - but we did agree on 2 of the dry reds - their Barbera and their Merlot.   To be honest, for the first time in a while I didn't take any notes on this day, and therefore (as I already mentioned) didn't save my tasting sheet - so I don't remember what the wines each tasted like - but I do know my taste buds lean more towards the dry, smooth wines and within that, Adam likes the smooth wines - and likes the ones that are more semi-dry.

Adam and I each tried one of the sweets, that way we were able to taste both.   The sweet red - which I believe was the Dolcetto was actually pretty dry with a dash of sweetness.    I typically don't like sweet wines, and in typical fashion - I didn't like this wine - but for a different reason.   I actually found it to be more dry than sweet - but it was really an odd combination of sugary sweet and dry.   The sweet white we tasted was the Moscato.   It wasn't a bad sweet wine, I just know that I won't sit there and drink a sweet wine, so its always a waste for me to buy, because I would have a few uses for it in cooking/baking and maybe have half a glass - and the rest would end up going to waste as I wouldn't be able to use it enough before it went bad.

Before we were done, I did ask if there were any wines that weren't on the tasting sheet that they had - because I noticed on the site that they had a Pinot Noir, and that wasn't on the sheet (even crossed out).   That's where I found out about the reserves not being available for taste - but they actually were sold out of even those reserve wines. At this same time, the woman who was doing our tasting did mention that Luca - the son - was just working on his own label and that those are available for sale - but not for tasting - and then she realized she did have a bottle of the red available for tasting because there was just an event or something.   Now this red was really good - the best one I had tasted there.   It was really smooth, semi-dry and flavorful, so I said I definitely wanted a bottle - and then she had to double check that there were ones available for sale and the price.   Good news is it was available.  Unfortunately, no white available.  We ended up walking out with a bottle of the Rossi label Red, the Turdo label Barbeca and Merlot.  

Additionally they had Gelato and Sorbetto that was made with their wine, and a few other Gelato flavors.   Adam wanted the Gelato with Moscato and Almonds, but they didn't have any, so he got the Sorbetto with Moscato and Peaches.   I ended up getting the Gelato with Rossi.  Both were yummy and delicious - mine a little more.   They are made by a gelato company in Cape May - so they can be found at that store front as well - unfortunately, don't know the name of the company.   I know - Im full of a lack of details!

If you are in Cape May and enjoy wine - this is a cute place to stop at - if its a nice day (like we had), take some time to relax on their patio with your own picnic or with wine and/or Gelato.

And if you do go to Cape May - let me know - lots more recommendations from our short trips there - and plenty more places and things we want to check out.

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