Friday, July 1, 2011


I know, i know - watch what you post online - because it is there forever and anyone can see it.   Now that that is out of the way....this will be the first of many posts about my MIL.

Yesterday I came home to a strange envelope in the mail.   It was addressed to Mr. and Mrs. A. Needleman and had no return address (but I should have recognized the writing).   I could see inside and see there was a bday invite for a kids party - but all the kids bdays are far enough away that we shouldn't be getting an invite at this point.    So I open it up - and there was a card in the shape of a pizza slice with the design of a pizza slice on one side.   I turn it over to the other side - and we are invited to celebrate "DADs Birthday" on "July 9" at "5pm" at "Mom and Dads House".   No joke - it took me a minute to really comprehend that we were just invited to a 60+ year olds birthday party in a manner that I would have expected to be invited to a bday party for a classmate in the second grade.    The invite was even so cheap looking that it looked like it had been sitting in storage since I was in the second grade.

So yeah - not really sure what else to say - except "yeah....."

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  1. So maybe she could gotten pre-printed fancier kid invitations, but if seen it for a bunch of adults big bdays to use kids invitations....