Saturday, July 30, 2011


The other day, I was talking about my cooking and how I made sloppy joes.   Well, when I cook with ground meat, I always have double the meat needed since I mix ground turkey and ground beef.   I usually go with my staple for ground meat - barbecue meatloaf, and I also usually make 2 - 1 for now and 1 for the freezer for later.   Well I made the sloppy joes on Wednesday, and I needed something to use the other half of the meat with (because I didn't have enough of the other ingredients to double that) so I decided to make my staple - and share that with you.

Here is the recipe for barbecue meatloaf:

Its really good.   And if you follow the directions to put it on a broiler pan (with a drip pan underneath), it will be nice and solid - and healthy.   You don't lose any flavor or moisture, and you can always use some extra barbecue sauce when you eat it.

Hope you enjoy my ground meat goto meal.

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