Thursday, July 28, 2011

Healthy Recipes

When I cook, I tend to cook healthy.   (My bad eating habits come from eating out and snacking).   Anyways, there are two places that I have consistently found GREAT recipes from.   The first is Eat Better America ( and the second is cooking light (the hard copy and   

Back in 2004 (or there-abouts) I started to subscribe to cooking light, and I got into the habit of saving my magazines because they had such great recipes, health tips, exercises and stories.   Eventually, I didn't keep up with my reading, so I let my subscription lapse, until about 1 year or so ago.   Adam and I moved into our house and went 3 months or so without cable (greatest thing ever - and I wish I would have stuck with that decision).   During that time, I caught up on so much reading, that I was running our of things to read, so I started my subscription back up to cooking light.   Then we got cable, and I again let my reading lapse (15 months or so left on my cable contract...and then Im going cable free!).

Now that Adam is back to work and works noon - 9pm, I have tried to be more productive with my evenings, and have gotten back into reading (and hopefully back into exercising, cooking and healthy eating).

Anyways, I was catching up on my cooking light the other day, when I found a new recipe to try.   It just so happened I took ground beef and ground turkey out to defrost so I could make my meatloaf (another cooking light recipe).    The recipe is for beef and mushroom sloppy joes - and you can find it here:

I did of course make some substitutions based on what I had at home:
- I never cook with just ground beef - I always mix ground white turkey and lean ground beef to be healthier, but not be dry, so I used a 50/50 combo
- I used canned button mushrooms instead fresh cremini mushrooms
- I used dried oregano (and crushed it to bring out the flavors/fragrance before adding)
- I used honey in place of molasses

Other than that, I followed the instructions using my eye as a measuring cup.   It was really yummy - I think next time Id be a little more lenient with the hot sauce as I didn't taste any kick - but I like my heat.


  1. you stealing my bit?!?! LOL.
    and also, you freak for thinking not having cable is good. REALLY?!?!? Eric would drop dead if he heard that haha!

  2. LOL, thanks.
    I could never not have TV. Just read your fios article... funny thing is, we got MORE channels with FIOS than we had with cablevision (the other one here) but fios does suck. we've had nothing but issues with boxes and wiring. I hate them. we decided to go with a 2 year contract over a year with no contract b/c we had the price guarantee for 2. what a mistake. at least we ended up getting the multi room dvr for free for all the trouble for the whole time. and we are paying a LOT less for now... but once those 2 years are up, oh yeah, we're probably switching.