Friday, July 29, 2011

Cable Service

When Adam first moved into our house, we didn't order cable until we got a can't miss deal.   After a few months, that deal came from Comcast.   For under a $100 (including taxes) we got every channel we could imagine, including HBO, DVR, internet and phone.    In all honesty we had almost no problems with cable.   Occasionally we would have issues with our DVR, but never enough to actually call and complain - but our internet was fine, our cable was fine and we never used our phone to have any issues with that.   The only issue was that we were only guaranteed that deal for a year, and then our bill was going to skyrocket.   We could always get another deal, but nothing nearly as good as what we had, so I kept my eyes and ears peeled for a comparable deal.

Back in November, 3 months before my comcast deal was going to expire, we had someone from Verizon knock on our door - and I decided to listen.   Well she made the deal seem can't miss - and even after a few days of considering it, I still thought it was can't miss (stupid me!).   For $99 (plus dvr fees and taxes) we could have a similar triple play package - or thats how she sold it. 

But in reality, our channel choices decreased by half - although we did have more options on demand.   On comcast, I had Food Network, Cooking Channel, HGTV, DIY, MLB Network, etc.   On Verizon, I have Food Network but not Cooking Channel, HGTV but not DIY - and no MLB Network.    When I realized that (right as I was signing the paperwork), I didn't think it was a big deal, because I don't watch those channels.   I don't too often, but on a Saturday when you just want to veg out, you want to have those extra choices.  

Additionally, I only wanted cable because that was the only way I could get Phillies games.   Well I have had massive problems getting my Phillies games through Verizon.   Comcast Sportsnet constantly isn't coming in on Verizon - never had this (or any major) issue with Comcast.   I finally called and complained with Verizon, and pretty much the response I got was keep calling and eventually we will care enough to send someone out - of course said a bit nicer - but none the less.

Long story short - Verizon Wireless is great service - Verizon Fios I could care less for.   As soon as the contract is up (or maybe I can get out of it earlier without penalty), Im dropping Verizon.   Im hoping to drop cable in general, and just set a computer up to the tv, and watch shows online, watch my dvd collection - and read more.   My issue with this is that I still want to watch my Phillies games, and since I live within 100 mile radius of Philly - I can't watch them through the MLBTV online package.   Whatever the case, Im definitely dropping Verizon Fios as soon as I have the opportunity.

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