Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brand Loyalty

I started thinking about brand loyalty the other day as I was getting dressed to go for a walk.    I pulled out addidas shorts - which are gray with black strips down the sides.   So then I pulled out my black "dri-fit" shirt which was Under Armour brand.   I started analyzing my current exercise wardrobe some more and here is what I was wearing:
- Nike Hat
- Champion Sports Bra
- Under Armour Shirt
- Jockey Underwear
- Adidas Shorts
- Wigwam Socks
- Brooks Sneakers

7 Different Items and 7 Different Brands.   Mind you I do have a handful of items of each of the brands within my closet and drawers - but I fully admit that when it comes to 85% of things I buy, I have no brand loyalty.   My loyalty is to the best deal around - and a little bit to certain stores.  

I personally have no issues with store brands - and for those who don't know - with food, many times the store brand is the SAME EXACT thing, just in different packaging.  The few things that I stick to a brand are typically when it comes to hygiene - and that's just really because of my sensitive skin.   I have had great success with:
- Dove - so i use their soap and deoderant
- Aveeno - so I use their facewash, face lotion and body lotion
- Oddly enough, I have actually had a reaction to toothpaste - so I use Toms of Maine because its all natural.
- When I was younger my mom had to use certain laundry detergent and dryer sheets because of my skin - so I stick with those too - All Free and Clear Laundry Detergent and Bounce Free  

Other than those, I can't think of a situation where Im picky about brands as much as price.  And in all honesty - Im considering testing whether I can use different (cheaper and easier to find) detergents.   Im just nervous because I've tested moving off the face lotion and the toothpaste, with bad luck...

Im pretty sure studies would say that overall, brand loyalty is out the door - but what about those I know.   Do any of you have brand loyalty?   If so - just to a few things like me - or to a larger amount of things?

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  1. we don't - i mean, with SOME things we do, but mostly, my fist rule of thumb is to buy what is on sale and what I have coupons for. (I am REALLY into couponing now). like if I can get colgate toothpaste for 80 cents, and the next week get crest for 80 cents, whatever. We will NEVER buy cereals that are store brands. we have tried them, and honestly, we like our brands for those, so we watch sales like CRAZY. and usually can get cereal pretty cheap with a coupon. most toiletries i just get what is on sale w/ coupon, etc. I have a ton of IZOD clothes now but that is b/c we shop at Tanger Outlets constantly and that's my favorite store there. so people might think we are brand specific, but we just tend to buy the same stuff. oh - and ice cream. Eric REFUSES to buy store brand ice cream. so again - sales and coupons!! :-)